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Teacher Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction, M.Ed.

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The Master of Education Teacher Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction with optional ProTeach Portfolio Support is a broad-based program which looks at the art of teaching as an ever changing and developing process. It is designed for Residency Certificated Teachers who are in need of completing the constructed response assessment of the WA ProTeach Portfolio to obtain the Professional Teacher Certificate. More importantly, the focus of Curriculum and Instruction is designed for the practicing teacher with few years of experience or a seasoned veteran who is interested in refining their understanding and ability to design/adapt curriculum, assessment, and instruction to meet state/national expectations and students’ academic needs.

The ProTeach Portfolio Support Program is a three-course system of direct instruction, guided community-based practice and discussion of Entries, and individual meetings with instructors to ensure candidates are successful in submitting their electronic portfolios.

The M.Ed. is 32 credits total, including 6 advisor approved electives or ProTeach Portfolio Support courses.

Teacher Leadership Core

The Master of Education in Teacher Leadership has three teacher leadership courses which set the foundation for the degree. Content covered in the foundational courses include defining teacher leadership, distinction between teacher leadership and school administration, teacher leader as a resource to students and colleagues, legal and ethical expectations/responsibilities of teachers in leadership positions such as program resource, learning coach, content area specialist. Teacher Leadership standards are discussed throughout the degree.

Action Research

The mark of a graduate program is the intentional focus on learning about, developing the ability to understand, interpret and conduct research for the betterment of the profession. In our program, graduates should aspire to delve deeper into the teaching and learning process in their interested area of specialization. The research sequence in the Master of Education programs is designed to gradually lead students to ponder about issues area areas of need that need to be looked at through the lens of research. The sequence consists of four courses which scaffold upon each other allowing students to assimilate course content and apply the concepts to design an original research project reflective of their teaching assignment.

Electives: 6 Credits

6 advisor-approved electives are required.

Students who are certified teachers needing to complete the ProTeach Portfolio Support Program will take the following courses to satisfy this requirement and prepare them to take the Washington ProTeach Portfolio Assessment:

ED 504D - ProTeach Portfolio Support I  

ED 504E - ProTeach Portfolio Support II  

ED 504F - ProTeach Portfolio Support III  

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