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Student Services



Campus Facilities

The map of the Toppenish campus illustrates the locations of various offices, classrooms and laboratories. Tours of Heritage University are provided to interested persons upon request. View the campus map.


Students and guests are required to park in the main parking lot, located off Fort Road near the Student Services Center.

Lost and Found

Everyone is responsible for the protection of his or her personal belongings while on campus. Missing articles, if found, may be turned in to Security.

Campus Security

The University Security Department provides quality and an accessible environment for higher education to multicultural populations by providing efficient, effective, and professional services in public safety, crime prevention, and the preservation of legal rights for the Heritage University Community.

Contact Information

Campus Security
On campus: Our offices are located behind the 2800 Building in Heritage Village.
Phone: 509-865-8555
In an emergency, dial 9-911

Early Learning Center

Heritage University Early Learning Center offers an early learning program designed to offer experiences that enhance and enrich each child’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical and creative development. The HUELC believes that good child care is good family care. However, our basic philosophy is one of freedom to learn, grow and make good choices. We believe that children learn through play, and we have structured the environment to reflect that belief.

For more information, contact Heritage University Early Learning Center at (509) 865-8630.

Dining Services

The Eagles Café is owned and operated by Heritage University and is available Monday through Friday to all students, faculty, staff and their guests.

During the school year the café is open Monday through Friday from 8am until 6pm. (hot food until 5:30 pm).  Summer hours 8am until 4:30pm (hot food until 4pm).
Breakfast is available from 8am until 10am.  Grill open 10am until 5:30pm.  Espresso, etc. 8am until closing.

The café consists of the Grill, the Deli, Pizza station, Salad bar, Soup station, Hot entrée (lunchtime only), Espresso bar and Grab & Go items. Our weekly menus are posted online and on the monitor in the cafeteria for viewing.

Catering services are available on campus for groups and meetings as well. Please contact Food Services Director Timothy Newbury @ 509-865-8616 or email Newbury_t@Heritage.edu for more information. 

Office of Student Affairs

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to provide Heritage University students with the tools and resources to promote, support and complement the academic mission of the university.

The Office of Student Affairs housed the following departments and programs:

Career Services

The Career Services office exists to provide guidance, resources, and opportunities to students and alumni seeking to achieve their career goals relevant to their academic interests. We facilitate and support connections between employers, our students and alumni. Students can visit the career services office to receive assistance with resume and cover letters, placement files, mock interviews and researching employment opportunities

For more information, contact Heritage University Career Services at 509-865-0726 or careerservices@heritage.edu.

Social and Mental Health Counseling Services

Students who are currently enrolled at Heritage University who are experiencing personal issues impacting their academic performance can work with a licensed mental health counselor. These services are free and totally confidential. Student s may contact the Northwest Employee Assistance Program at (509) 575-4313 to schedule an appointment.

Ability Services

The Office of Ability Services coordinates reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities and works with each student on a case by case basis. Faculty and staff at Heritage University work closely with the Office of Ability Services to ensure students have access to academic programs, services, events, and all activities on campus.  

Documentation guidelines for disability services:
Students who are seeking disability support services at Heritage University are required to submit documentation to verify eligibility for the services in need. Documentation should show current impact of the disability on student academic performance. The following guidelines are provided in the interest of assuring that the evaluation and report are appropriate for documenting eligibility and identifying appropriate academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids in need.

A description of the current limitations and functional impact:
It is critical that the Office of Ability Services at Heritage University has relevant information about your disability and how it specifically   impacts you as a student. Providing documentation that describes your disability and the areas of functionality you are affected by the disability are useful for our office to determine the type of academic accommodations that best suit your needs.

Medical documentation:
A diagnostic assessment or medical letter from a qualified medical professional, specialist or licensed mental health counselor stating your physical or mental disability is very useful. How recent the documentation needs to be is dependent on the facts and circumstances of your disability. Generally, documentation within three years is considered current, but this varies based upon disabilities that are non-permanent or have a progression. If you have a disability that is permanent and non-varying, then old documentation can be considered to apply for disability services on campus. Disabilities that fluctuate or progress require frequent updates in order to provide an accurate interpretation.

Disabilities include:
Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injuries, Cancer, AIDS, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, and Seizures among others. Any health condition or physical disability is considered to be in the medical domain which requires a medical statement by a qualified medical professional, psychiatrist, psychologist, a licensed therapist or any other certified specialist in the field.
Mental illnesses also fall under the category of disabilities. These include but are not limited to: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s Disorder, Mood Disorders, and Anxiety Disorders among several others.

Please note:
In the state of Washington, a diagnostic statement is considered useful but not mandatory. However, it is essential that the Office of Ability Services obtains necessary information about the functional impact and progression of a health condition. The cost and responsibility for providing this documentation shall be borne by the student.

Students are responsible for contacting the Office of Ability Services to make a formal request for appropriate accommodations. For more information, please call (509) 865-8515, email TheOfficeofAbilityServices@heritage.edu.

For more information on Guidelines and Procedures or to request accommodations visit: http://www.heritage.edu/Current-Students/Office-of-Ability-Services.

Title IX

Title IX Sexual Assault and Harassment HU takes seriously our committeemen to promoting a safe environment free of Harassment and is committed to working with students Any student or applicant for admission who has concerns about sex discrimination, including but not limited to acts of sexual harassment, sexual assault or sexual violence, is encouraged to seek the assistance of the Title IX Coordinator. For more information please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 509-865-0411 and ask for the Title IX coordinator.

Link to policy, including the grievances process and : http://www.heritage.edu/About-Heritage/University-Policies/522-Anti-Harassment-Anti-Discrimination

For questions, inquiries, or to report and incident to the Title IX Coordinator at  Heritage University: Melissa Hill
Asst. VP for Student Affairs

Additional, The Office of Civil Rights can also review cases:

The OCR National Headquarters is located at:
U.S. Department of Education
Office for Civil Rights
Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Bldg
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202-1100

Telephone: 800-421-3481
FAX: 202-453-6012; TDD: 800-877-8339
Email: OCR@ed.go


Student Life Department

The Student Life Department is dedicated to enriching the college experience for Heritage University students. Student clubs, Student Government Association, and all student events and activities are coordinated through the Student Life Department.

Student Government Association (SGA): All currently enrolled full-time students are members of the SGA and may participate in the election of representatives to its chief governing board, the SGA. The responsibilities of the Student Government Association are to serve as the organized student voice to faculty and administration regarding students’ needs and opinions in matters of students’ life and welfare, and to plan extracurricular activities that enhance the educational and interpersonal experiences of students while they are at Heritage.

Student Clubs: The Heritage University values the importance of student participation in clubs and organizations and recognizes that they play an essential role in student and campus engagement. By joining a club or organization, students have the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests, learn new things, and participate in activities and events. Students who would like assistance in planning and financing student activities are encouraged to contact the Student Life Coordinator.

Intramural Sports: Participating in intramural Sports is another avenue for Heritage students to get involved and collaborate with your peers. Students that are interested in participating in existing leagues within the Yakima and Lower Valley have the opportunity to create a university team and compete. 

Contact Information
Phone: 509-865-0701 or 888-272-6190 (toll free)
Fax: 509-865-0724
Email: studentlife@heritage.edu

Student Support Programs

There is an array of programs designed to support specific groups of students with specific academic and college enrichment. Students are encouraged to research the various programs and apply for assistance.

TRiO Student Support Services (S3)

TRiO (S3) Program mission is to increase retention and graduation rates of student by offering academic and personal support. It is committed to serving 160 low-income, first-generation college students and students with disabilities to earn a bachelor’s degree within six years. While student financial aid programs help students overcome financial barriers to higher education, TRIO programs help students overcome class, social, and cultural barriers to higher education.

Services Provided:

Types of services the TRIO/SSS Program provides:

Career Guidance
Free Tutoring
College Success Workshops
Grant Aid
Resume Writing Seminars
Cultural Enrichment Activities
Assistance applying for financial aid and internships
Scholarship Awareness
Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Contact Information
On campus:
Phone: (509) 865-0701
Fax: 509-865-0724
Email: TRIOS3@heritage.edu

The Office of Advising

Provides students with opportunities to find their voice and fully engage in their academics in order to enrich their personal and intellectual growth.  We promote a positive climate of respect and cooperation between advisor and student. This relationship will support students in developing the skills to think critically and make responsible choices.

Contact Information
On campus:
Phone: 509-865-0725
Email: Advising@heritage.edu

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

The CAMP is a federally funded program designed for first-year college students from migrant and seasonal farm worker families. CAMP at Heritage University provides college transition services to develop the skills and understanding necessary to excel in a four-year college environment. The CAMP staff is committed to four service areas: academic assistance, career planning, cultural enrichment, and support services. Throughout the first year of college, CAMP activities may include trips, workshops, guest speakers, seminars, and events to stimulate personal, cultural, and academic growth. To be eligible for CAMP, students must be first-year students at Heritage University who participate, or whose immediate family participates, in migrant and/or seasonal farm work, who have participated in the Title I Migrant Education Program, or wo have participated in the National Farmworker Job Program. For more information, please contact the CAMP office at (509) 865-8695.

Contact Information
On campus:
Phone: 509-865-8695 or 888-272-6190 (toll free)
Website: heritage.edu/camp
Email: hucamp@heritage.edu

Student Policies and Procedures

All Students admitted to Heritage University are required to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.

Heritage University Student Handbook

The Heritage University Student Handbook provides detailed information on student policies and procedures: general information such as health and safety issues related to campus; and resources for students, faculty, advisors, and staff. View the Student Handbook.

Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Action

Heritage University’s mission is based on the principle of deep respect for the value of each student. The policy and procedures for student conduct were developed with the intent of providing clear expectations for behaviors that promotes a culture of respect. As an educational institution, Heritage’s mission focuses on creating learning opportunities that encourage growth and development. The intent of this policy is to focus on personal development while working within a safe and supportive atmosphere. All students are responsible for knowing the expectations outlined in the student handbook, as well as any additional programmatic standards (i.e. nursing or education). View the Student Code of Conduct