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Environmental Studies B.A.

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The environmental Studies degree examines the science underlying environmental issues as well as the social, political, and economic factors that contribute to policy and management decisions. This degree places students at the center of the investigation of local environmental issues in context with national and global questions. Students will gain the necessary professional and technical skills for entry into successful environmental careers or for graduate studies in environmental fields.

General University Course Requirements: 36-39 credits

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Core Requirements: 66-72 Credits

Areas of Concentration or Minor Degree: 16 credits minimum

Students are required to choose a concentration (Forestry, Fisheries Science, Business Administration Management, Interdisciplinary) or complete a Minor Degree as available at Heritage Univerisity (as long as it meets requirements of 12 upper division credits and minimum of 16 total credits).


Business Administration



To be determined with Advisor, must include minimum of 12 upper division credits (300+)

Minor Degree

Majors can elect to minor in any degree at Heritage Univeristy to fulfill the concentration requirment as long as a minimum of 12 upper division credtis (300+) and a total of 16 credits are taken within the degree program the minor is in.

Minimum total credits 120, including 48 upper-division credits


Courses with asterisk (*) are part of the General University Course Requirements (GUCRs) 

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