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Multicultural English Literature and Language, M.A.

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Master of Arts in Multicultural English Literature and Language

The English Graduate Program offers several degree paths for students seeking additional study of literature, language, and writing. Students may pursue a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Teaching and Learning, with a specialization in English Language and Literature, combining course work in English and Education; or a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Multicultural English Literature and Language, with additional course work in a more specialized area of English. Consider carefully which path would best suit your goals.

The M.A. in English program maintains a multicultural emphasis and blends studies in a broad array of areas, such as American, British, Chicano/a, and Native American literature, as well as literature by women. The program’s flexibility allows students to design their individual programs to meet their long-term goals and to choose special topics directed toward their thesis. Students can elect to concentrate their studies in multicultural literature, applied linguistics, or writing, or they can build a generalist program from courses that fall into each of these categories.

The M.A. in English program is designed to allow students to earn their degree while continuing to work. All courses are offered both on line and in traditional classrooms on the Toppenish campus. On line courses are available around the clock, and courses taught on the campus are held predominately during the weekends (or occasionally in the evening).

Heritage University’s Master of Arts in English Program is for students teaching or seeking to teach at the college level, as well as for those who wish to prepare for Ph.D. studies in English literature, linguistics, or composition theory. It may also be the program of choice for those who already hold a State of Washington English Language Arts (5-12) certificate and simply desire more knowledge in their subject area or to become eligible to teach at the college level.

Like the M.Ed. in English Education, the M.A. Program can be specifically tailored to include all the course work required to earn the State of Washington English Language Arts (5-12) endorsement (though students must still meet all other State of Washington certification requirements). It may also be adjusted to permit the course work required to enter a particular Ph.D. program.

Alternate Assignments for ENG Survey Courses

In the case of graduate students who were undergraduate English majors and already completed multiple survey courses in American, British, or World literature, Heritage offers two alternative pathways:

1) Research and write a publication-quality essay for submission to a jury-reviewed academic journal or for submission to a conference, or

2) Prepare teaching materials for a future secondary or post-secondary course or a unit in a course in the subject area.

II. Linguistics Strand: 4 credit total

III. Writing and Composition Strand: 4 credits total

IV. Research Strand: 6 credit totals

V. Concentration Area: 8 credits total

Choose One of the Following:


* ENG 510A - Poetry  may be used in only ONE area.
** ENG 524A /ENG 524B /ENG 524C  may be repeated for credit with a different topic.

Total: 32 Credits

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