Mar 28, 2023  

Medical Laboratory Science Certificate

The Medical Laboratory Science Certificate is intended to train students interested in pursuing careers in the medical laboratory sciences. It is offered to students who have completed a Bachelor of Science degree and who satisfy all the prerequisites for this program. To qualify for acceptance into this program, students must have taken a minimum of 16 semester hours of chemistry. This includes a year of general chemistry and organic chemistry and/or biochemistry. Students must have completed a minimum of 16 semester hours of biological science. The biology courses must be acceptable toward a major in biological science and must include general biology and one semester of bacteriology (microbiology). Immunology is required either as a separate course or as part of another course. A minimum of one course in university-level mathematics is required.


  1. Recruitment and admissions outcomes:  The program assesses the number of qualified applicants and the academic preparation of program applicants each year.  Recruitment efforts are correlated with number and source of qualified applicants. Reasons for attrition are documented and reviewed for use in determining admission criteria and processes in regard to their link to student success in the program.
  2. Preclinical outcomes:  The program assesses the adequacy of student preparation in the general education curriculum and fall pre-clinical work by monitoring grades and successful completion rates for fall term coursework.  Weaknesses noted are shared with undergraduate faculty in the university science department.
  3. Clinical practicum outcomes:  The program assesses by direct measurement successful progression through clinical practicum (70% or better grade) with clinical faculty via performance evaluations, practical exams and didactic exams.  Results are shared with clinical faculty to facilitate improvements.
  4. Certification outcomes:  Program graduate performance is monitored for overall scores, categorical scores and sub-categorical scores from the national Board of Certification (BOC) Exam for Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS), generalist level.  Individual graduate performance, overall pass rate and mean categorical scores are compared to national performance for the same period.  Aggregate data is shared with Advisory Committees and clinical faculty.  A 90% pass rate on first try is our goal.
  5. Graduate and employer outcomes:  Graduate satisfaction is assessed formally and informally.  Graduate employment rates are tracked and employer satisfaction with graduates they employ is assessed formally and informally.  Within 6 months of graduation 90% are employed is the goal.