May 20, 2024  

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ED 597 - Internship in Program Administration

4 credits (required 8 credits)

The internship is a mentored, year-long practicum within a school and district setting.  Field experiences are planned collaboratively by the program, candidate, university supervisor, and district mentor to develop candidates’ knowledge, skills, dispositions, and cultural competence related to the Washington State Standards for Residency Certification, ISLLC Standards, and the Leadership Framework.  The internship is graded “Pass” (P) or “No Pass” (NP) and spans two semesters, a full academic year (students register for four credits fall semester and four credits spring semester). Expectations include: a minimum of 540 internship hours, a detailed log, attendance at all Intern Seminars, evidence of learning, a professional portfolio and the implementation of all of the Assessment Plans developed during the program coursework. This course meets the internship requirements outlined by the Washington State Board of Education for principal and program administrator certification.


Seminars:  Providing for School Safety and Community Engagement

Assessment:  Socio-Political Context
Assessment: Portfolio and PGP as evidence of plan implementation, personal growth, and plan for continued growth

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