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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Middle-Level Education (Levels 4-9), B.A. in Education

Middle Level Education Major (Levels 4-9)

This baccalaureate degree program is designed to provide focused preparation for students planning to teach at the middle school (4-9) grade levels. Students complete the General University Course Requirements (GUCR’s), professional education core courses, specialty methods courses, selected concentration and required supporting courses.

Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements for a B.A. in Education degree and all state certification requirements, including successful completion the WEST-E in their concentration/endorsement area of study, and Teacher Performance Assessment  (edTPA) Heritage University recommends the student for certification for the Washington State Residency Teacher Certificate.  The certificate will include the endorsement earned at that time by the student. 

1. General University Course Requirements

Click here to view General University Course Requirements .

3. Concentration/Endorsement (choose one)

Middle-level Humanities, Middle-level Math, or Middle-level Science

4. Specialty Methods Courses

5. Concentration/Endorsements

Supporting Coursework Requirement


One additional upper division history elective must be taken besides the general university course requirements, professional education core, co-teaching internship, specialty methods, concentration, supporting coursework courses to meet all course requirements for the Humanities Middle Level degree.

Candidate must pass the specifically required WEST-Es  before any endorsement will be recommended.

Science Requirement

 PHYS 101 Introduction to Physics and Lab recommended, but course may not count as a GUCR too. 

Middle-level Math needs one required additional science course.

Supporting Coursework Requirements


Candidates seeking a math endorsement are required to enroll in PHIL 210H  (Honors).

Candidate must pass the specifically required WEST-E before any endorsement will be recommended.

Math Requirements

Supporting Coursework Requirements


Candidate must pass the specifically required WEST-E before any endorsement will be recommended.