Jan 29, 2023  

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BLE 595 - Special Project

3 credits

A course designed to permit qualified students to pursue a researched-based approved topic through independent study under the direction of a faculty member and to produce a specific outcome. Reference citations, tables and figures will follow the current American Psychological Association (APA) manual. Graded P/NP.

Students will be expected to meet defined standards to receive a pass (P) grade. Course is designed to be completed in one semester. However, an option for an In Progress (IP) grade is available for students who need more time to complete the special project. An IP grade must be approved by both instructor and academic advisor.

Students will only be allowed one extension past the original enrollment date to complete the requirements. After the one semester extension, students will be required to re-register for the course at the full tuition rate. Prerequisite(s): ED 584  and ED 553 

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