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2012-2013 Catalog 
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Organizational Leadership, Specialization in English Language and Literature, M.Ed.

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Organizational Leadership, Specialization in English Language and Literature: 34 credits

The English Graduate Program offers several degree paths for students seeking additional study of literature, language, and writing. Students may pursue a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Organizational Leadership, with a Specialization in English Language and Literature, combining course work in English and Education; a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Multicultural English Literature and Language, with additional course work in a more specialized area of English; or one of several certificate programs, including one for students seeking the Washington State English/Language Arts 5-12 endorsement. Consider carefully which path would best suit your goals.

Program Goals and Objectives


Our primary goal is to produce graduates qualified (as appropriate) with English/Language Arts Endorsement; credentials to instruct college-level courses in writing, language, and literature; and/or preparation to gain admission to terminal degree programs in English or related fields. In order to do so, graduates must develop the following knowledge, skills, and dispositions:

  1. Understand the history, development, and structure of the English language and know how English language theory relates in practice to the teaching and learning of language, both spoken and written
  2. Be aware of contemporary approaches to the composition process and be able to demonstrate that knowledge in a variety of genres, as well as connect that knowledge and those skills to the pedagogy of writing
  3. Know and appreciate the diversity of voices in both Anglo-American and global literature, as well as be able to apply classical and contemporary critical approaches to illuminate texts for colleagues and students
  4. Demonstrate strong research, writing, and presentation skills through the production of works suitable for presentation and publication as appropriate to the student’s concentration, including the master’s thesis

The Master of Education degree in Organizational Leadership is a broad-based program of advanced preparation of master teachers anticipating a career of leadership in the classroom, and/or educators who wish to pursue graduate study in their specialty area beyond the bachelor’s degree.

Degree requirements include 16 core credits in the areas of educational foundations, effective teaching and classroom leadership focused on student learning, current research and best practice, parental collaboration and responsiveness to diverse community interests, school improvement planning, and educational technology. The remaining 18 credits in the English specialization include the key course work required to teach effectively at the secondary or college level.

This specialization serves those who desire to become leaders in English education. It is especially well suited for students who are seeking the English Language Arts (5-12) endorsement or who already have an M.Ed. degree but wish to obtain a second M.Ed. in a content area to obtain qualifications to teach at the secondary or college level. This program will expand on their existing knowledge of English language and literature and deepen their knowledge of pedagogy and research in the discipline. Persons seeking an endorsement in English Language Arts (5-12) may follow the endorsement option to tailor their program to prepare them for the WEST-E.

English Language Arts Endorsement: 20 credits

Graduate students pursuing an English Language Arts (5-12) endorsement either by itself or in conjunction with the M.Ed. specialization in English Language and Literature should select the following course work to prepare for the WEST-E examination, which must be completed along with any other State of Washington certification requirements.

Total Credits for Endorsement = 20 graduate semester credits + 15 English undergraduate semester credits

English Language Arts Endorsement

Candidates must pass the specifically required WEST-E and any required pedagogical assessments before any endorsement will be recommended.

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