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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

Visual Arts (K-12 Credential), B.A.

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The Fine Arts Department is the home of visual arts, music, dance, and drama. In art classes, students can expect to gain an understanding of the role and relevance of the arts in contemporary societies, as well as explore the historical roots and multicultural influences that have contributed to contemporary art. The Fine Arts Program provides opportunities for all campus members to experience the arts and to integrate visual and performing arts experiences into their educational experience. The arts are the perfect venue for exploring, sharing, and experiencing the advantages of cultural diversity.

The Fine Arts Department offers majors in Visual Arts and Visual Arts K-12 Certification preparation. The Visual Arts major provides students interested in pursuing careers in the fine arts and related fields the opportunity to develop competence in basic studio skills, awareness of historical and contemporary critical concerns within the profession, and sensitivity to the breadth of aesthetic diversity expressed through the arts. In conjunction with other programs offered at Heritage, the Visual Arts Program allows students to prepare for graduate studies in visual art, art history, arts administration, art therapy, architecture, museum studies, and cultural and visual anthropology. Through senior internships, students acquire experience that helps them transition to careers as professional artists or careers in related professions in business, education, and counseling.

Outcomes for Visual Arts Degree

The Fine Arts Program strives to introduce all students in all visual arts classes to the following characteristics that underlie excellence in the visual arts. The Visual Arts major is designed to provide the experience, support and practice necessary to prepare students for a broad range of careers as visual artists or to progress to graduate study in the visual arts or related fields. Students completing a B.A. in Visual Arts or K-12 Certification in Visual Arts are prepared to:

  1. Demonstrate they have entered the cycle of risk and exploration that is the essence of the creative process
  2. Engage their work with a desire to express themselves visually at the highest level possible
  3. Engage the creative process as a means to access individual imagination, resulting in works of art that express and communicate their unique vision
  4. Exhibit knowledge of formal elements and principles of design, evidenced by creation of unified visual compositions in 2-D and 3-D media
  5. Exhibit knowledge of art materials and techniques in order to have the tools to achieve individual aesthetic goals
  6. Possess the ability to describe, analyze, interpret and evaluate artwork within the discipline in both written and oral formats
  7. Demonstrate familiarity with art history and its significance in the appreciation and production of contemporary artistic statement
  8. Demonstrate awareness of and commitment to the role of art in a vibrant society
  9. Recognize and appreciate the importance and potential of art in assisting cross-cultural communication, understanding, acceptance and have actively participated in successful multicultural art experiences
  10. Have an awareness of professional opportunities and are prepared to move from Heritage University to either a graduate program of their choice, residency, or apprenticeship, depending on their individual goals

This baccalaureate degree program provides a broad-based preparation for teachers of the visual arts and satisfies the visual arts endorsement course work requirement. Students in this major are assigned two advisors, as both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education have requirements for degree completion. Students must pass the three sub tests of the WEST-B and meet the College of Education’s program admission process before completing the education courses.  Students must attempt the WEST-E before co-teaching.  WEST-E must be passed, co-teaching completed with a passing grade, and the edTPA must be passed before endorsement will be recommended.


General University Course Requirements: 36-39 credits

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Area of Studio Concentration

Total: 125-130 Credits

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