Jan 19, 2022  

Interdisciplinary Contract, B.A.

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Contract Major

Ordinarily, a student selects a major listed in a Heritage University academic program, but there may be special circumstances in which a student who has basically fulfilled requirements for a major not offered by Heritage University may wish to complete degree requirements at Heritage University. This may be accomplished through an interdisciplinary contract major that varies from other majors listed in departments. Requests must be made with the Academic Affairs Office before permission is granted to develop a contract major.

This baccalaureate degree program is designed to integrate an interdisciplinary core of studies with a student’s chosen major not offered by Heritage University programs.

General University Course Requirements: 36-39 credits

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Primary Concentration (upper division): 24 credits

Secondary Concentration (upper division): 18 credits


Combined Secondary (upper division) (12 credits/secondary focus): 24 credits

Electives as needed

 Minimum total credits for Degree:  120 credits

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