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  Nov 25, 2017
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science Department

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The Computer Science program encompasses the theory and techniques by which information is encoded, stored, communicated, transformed and analyzed. It deals particularly with the theory of algorithms (i.e., effective procedures), with the structure of languages for expression of algorithms and with the design of efficient algorithms for the solution of practical problems. Of central concern is the study of computer systems (hardware and programs) for the automatic execution of these algorithms.

Computer science has its principle basis in engineering and mathematics. In addition, it draws upon concepts from a wide variety of other disciplines, including linguistics, psychology, biology, philosophy, economics and business. It has applications to these and other disciplines.

B.S. in Computer Science Outcomes
Goal 1: Students will demonstrate subject-matter knowledge in the major.
1.1 Students will have the ability to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics appropriate to their discipline.
1.2 Students will have the ability to understand the fundamental principles of the science of computation, including those of algorithm analysis, software design, operating systems and databases.
1.3 Students will have the ability to analyze a problem and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to the solution (using efficient algorithms, data structures, etc.).
1.4 Students will have the ability to design, implement, test, and evaluate a computing system, software component, or algorithm to meet required needs and imposed constraints.
1.5 Students will be proficient in the use of more than one programming language.

Goal 2: Students will be prepared to function professionally in the field of computer science.
2.1 Students will demonstrate an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
2.2 Students will recognize the responsibilities, ethical, legal, security and social issues in the design and application of computer systems.

Goal 3: Students will be proficient at communicating.
3.1 Students will communicate effectively orally and in writing.
3.2 Students will be able to analyze the local and global impacts of computing on individuals, organizations and society.
3.3 Students will function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal.

Goal 4: Students will use technology competently.
4.1 Students will have knowledge of contemporary problems and technologies related to computer science.
4.2 Students will be able to use modern software development tools and languages necessary for professional practice.
4.3 Students will recognize the need for and will engage in lifelong learning.

Goal 5: Students will adhere to high standards of professional ethics.
5.1 Students will realize the need for continuing professional development.
5.2 Students will demonstrate a commitment to computer science and its advancement.

What jobs are available for computer science graduates?

  • Computer programmer
  • System analyst
  • Web administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Security specialist
  • Database administrator
  • Software engineer

Degrees and Program Offered

The Computer Science Department offers courses to complete the following degrees and programs:


    Associate of ArtsBachelor of ArtsBachelor of Science


      Computer Science

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