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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Studies Department

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The General Studies program is designed to provide a basis for academic success to incoming students at the university. It comprises the Academic Skills Center; tutoring program; placement testing; Mentoring; the Academic Advising program; and courses in the areas of communication, including Heritage Core, developmental studies, and world languages. All incoming students who satisfy course prerequisites will be able to enroll in general studies courses, with the approval of their academic advisors.


The communication component includes COMM 105 - Heritage Core . Transferring students with freshman and sophomore status must enroll in COMM 105  within their first 15 credits at Heritage University (juniors and seniors, see HUM 305W ). COMM 105 - Heritage Core  integrates university success skills with experiential learning in cross-cultural communication.

Developmental Studies

The developmental studies component addresses students’ academic needs. It includes five major strands: placement testing, academic advising, instruction in developmental English, developmental mathematics and tutoring.

Courses are designed for students with academic deficiencies and students in transition to the university. The courses and services are offered to assist incoming unprepared students, providing them with opportunities to strengthen the basic skills necessary for academic success. Tutoring is an important part of the developmental studies component. The Academic Skills Center provides both personal and computerized tutoring to all students.

After completing the developmental English courses, students will be effective and autonomous speakers, listeners, readers, and writers and will be able to use the English language appropriately. Students who complete the developmental mathematics courses will be equipped to succeed in those university courses for which proficiency in mathematics is required.

World Languages

The Heritage world languages courses include American Sign Language, French, Latin, Sahaptin, and Spanish.

In Spanish, a dual-track program is offered that allows non-native Spanish speakers and native Spanish speakers to gain proficiency with structure, form, history and culture of the Spanish language and provides the ability to converse in a variety of academic and non-academic settings. An emphasis is placed on attaining fluency in Spanish. Non-Spanish speakers are requested to enroll in SPAN 101 -SPAN 102 , and Spanish-speaking students are requested to enroll in SPAN 205 -SPAN 206 .




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