May 27, 2018  

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ED 570A - Instruction and Evaluation Practices

3 credits

This course explores the critical role of the principal or program administrator as instructional leader in the design and implementation of the instructional program and teacher evaluation. Concepts and strategies include effective observation of instruction, providing feedback, conducting critical conversations with teachers, and designing appropriate and effective intervention strategies and professional development/coaching for teachers. The TPEP (Teacher and Principal Evaluation Program) requirements and effective teaching practices will be a central focus of the course. Experienced educators who are interested in becoming school principals or program administrators will further develop a vision for powerful teaching as well as the knowledge and skills to improve educational effectiveness. To meet the requirements for principal and program administrator certification, students will work extensively with the AWSP Leadership Framework and other professional resources to design projects and gather artifacts relevant to their current and emerging professional practice.


Also includes:
Resource Management Module
Cultural Competency Module
School Law Module
Socratic Seminar (Ethical Leadership)


Assessment:  Instructional Improvement - Evaluation
Assessment: Effective Management, Part D Prerequisite(s): ED564A and ED567A

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