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2011/2012 Catalog 
2011/2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Support Services

Heritage University offers a nurturing, friendly atmosphere with a low ratio of students to faculty and staff. Because concern for each student’s academic and interpersonal skills is of fundamental importance, Heritage provides the following non-academic support services. These services are provided free of charge in response to the unique needs of Heritage’s student body.

Advising Center

The Heritage University Advising Center is located in the Student Services Building and serves pre-major undergraduate students (freshman, transfer, and re-admit) attending Heritage through the Toppenish campus. To make an appointment, call (509) 865-8532.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

It is the policy of Heritage University to maintain an alcohol- and drug-free campus. Suspicion of alcohol or illegal drug possession, use, or sale at any university site will be reported by the appropriate campus authority to the relevant law enforcement entity immediately. The university administration will be notified as soon as feasible. Heritage University is committed to providing adequate information and referral services to students and employees about alcohol and drugs. Students support this policy by contacting the dean of students if violations are observed.

Campus Bookstore

Heritage University Bookstore, located in Petrie Hall, is owned and operated by Heritage University for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff. The Bookstore sells used textbooks and supplies, reading materials, gifts, clothing, greeting cards, and snacks.

Some used textbooks for on-campus classes are available for purchase at the store. Before going online to order books, visit the bookstore. Textbooks may be in stock and sold at reduced prices.

Students have the option of paying by cash, check, credit card, or, if eligible, the university voucher system. Order forms containing all pertinent information are available in the bookstore or in Student Services. To order books online, go to, scroll over to “Current Students” or “Future Students,” and click “Bookstore.” This link connects to the Missouri Books web site. A major credit card is needed to order books online.

For more information, contact the Bookstore at (509) 865-8511.

Campus Facilities

A map of the campus, illustrating the location of various offices, classrooms, and laboratories, is available in the Student Services Center. Tours of Heritage University are provided to interested persons upon request.

Students of Heritage University, their families, and guests are welcome to use the facilities of the campus in accordance with the guidelines issued by local campus administrators. Procedures for using campus facilities for events are available through the Physical Plant Office.

Child Care Center

Heritage University offers a child care/preschool program, serving children ages 1 year through 5 years. Students wishing to enroll their children must preregister. Services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited and charges do apply. For more information, contact the Heritage University Early Learning Center at (509) 865-8630.

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) is a federally funded program designed for first-year college students from migrant and seasonal farm worker families. CAMP at Heritage University provides college transition services to develop the skills and understanding necessary to excel in a four-year college environment. The CAMP staff is committed to four service areas: academic assistance, career planning, cultural enrichment, and support services. While enrolled full time, all CAMP students are eligible to receive a tuition stipend to supplement financial aid from state and/or federal sources. Throughout the year, CAMP activities may include trips, workshops, guest speakers, seminars, and events to stimulate personal, cultural, and academic growth. To be eligible for CAMP, students must be first-year students at Heritage University who participate, or whose immediate family participates, in migrant and/or seasonal farm work or who have participated in the Title I Migrant Education Program. For more information, please contact the CAMP program at (509) 865-8695.

Counseling Services

Students who attend the Toppenish campus and are experiencing personal issues impacting their academic performance are encouraged to contact their assigned advisor. Advisors are available to meet with students and discuss options, resources, and referrals to improve personal circumstances. Appointments with advisors are confidential and offered at no charge to enrolled students. For more information, contact the Advising Center at (509) 865-8532.

Dining Services

Owned and operated by Heritage University, the Heritage Café is available Monday through Friday to all students, faculty, staff, and their guests and is located in the Jewett Center. Vending machines located in Petrie Hall are also available.


Locker space is available to Heritage University students for a fee. Lockers may be rented per semester or for the academic year. Locks are furnished by the Business Office. Contact the Business Office staff for more information.

Lost and Found

Everyone is responsible for the protection of his or her personal belongings while on campus. Missing articles, if found, will be turned in to the front desk in the Student Services Center.

Non-Academic Grievance Procedures

Students experiencing a problem with a non-academic matter should submit a complaint in writing to the dean of students for further investigation. If a student is unsatisfied after a full investigation, the matter will be referred to the vice president for support services for final determination. The complete procedure for submitting a nonacademic grievance is included in the student handbook.


Students and guests are required to park in the main parking lot, located off Fort Road, near the Student Services Center.

Student Clubs

Heritage University values the importance of student participation in clubs and organizations and recognizes that they play an essential role in student and campus engagement. By joining a club or organization, students have the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests, learn new things, and participate in activities and events. Students who would like assistance in planning and financing student activities are encouraged to bring their suggestions to the Associated Student Body (ASB) or to the student life activities coordinator, available at (509) 865-8500, ext. 2030.

Student Conduct Standards

The university maintains the right to develop and enforce rules for conduct. This includes the right to dismiss at any time a student whose conduct, academic standing, or health is such that the administration believes it detrimental for that student to continue at Heritage University. A student handbook with a further statement of student rights, responsibilities, and grievance procedures is available for each student from the Student Services Center.

Student Government

All currently enrolled full-time students are members of the Associated Student Body (ASB) and may participate in the election of representatives to its chief governing board, the Associated Student Government. The responsibilities of the Associated Student Government are to serve as the organized student voice to faculty and administration regarding student needs and opinions in matters of student life and welfare, and to plan extracurricular activities that enhance the educational and interpersonal experiences of students while they are at Heritage University.

Student activity fees help support a variety of student activities planned and organized by the ASB. Student activities are planned to provide a broad range of inexpensive events to give students opportunities to socialize with each other.

Student Handbook

A printed version of the student handbook is available upon request in the Student Services Center. The handbook provides a complete statement of the policies and procedures that concern students while attending Heritage University. General information such as health and safety issues related to the campus is also included in the handbook, which is updated annually.

Student Support Services (SSS)

Heritage University Student Support Services (SSS), a federal TRIO project funded completely by the U.S. Department of Education, is committed to assisting low-income, first-generation college students and students with disabilities in earning a bachelor’s degree within six years. The program’s mission is to increase retention and graduation rates of students by offering academic and personal support. Types of services provided include free one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, college success workshops, grant aid, cultural and enrichment activities, assistance with applying for financial aid and internships, scholarship awareness and opportunities, and summer academic enrichment programs. For more information, or to set up an appointment to complete an application, please contact the Student Support Services office at (509) 865-8500, ext. 1651.

Students with Disabilities

The Student Services Office coordinates appropriate and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities or special needs and works with each student on an individual basis. Faculty and staff of Heritage University work closely with the dean of student’s office to ensure access to academic programs, services, events, and activities for all students. Students are responsible for contacting the Student Services Office to make a formal request for appropriate and reasonable accommodations. For more information, please call (509) 865-8532.